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It’s not just about comics and superheroes or being studious and introverted anymore, it’s about personality and drive. The stereotypical image of the nerd is quite outdated for the 21st century and therefore, this subtle art of expression and fashion has become a part of almost everyone’s wardrobe.

Let’s take a look from above.

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When you think of “nerd,” the image on everyone’s mind is oversized dark glasses, the hallmark of nerds. One should be asking, what’s so bad about glasses? A pair of thick-rimmed glasses can still serve as an accessory to enhance the rest of the outfit. Also, it doesn’t have to be heavy and oversized, it can range from sleek with a clear frame to round glasses like Harry Potter.

Plus, lacking in sight is not a mandatory requirement to add that attractive but cheesy aesthetic to her outfit. Keep in mind that eyeglasses and eyeglasses are not mandatory if you are uncomfortable wearing them.

T-shirts and sweaters are also big fashion statements. While such an outfit may seem trite and boring, nerd-chic involves showing your interests and expressing yourself. Unfortunately, comicons don’t happen every week, and neither can you dress in a Batsuit for work. To express such interests, whether it’s superheroes, villains, video games, sarcastic quotes, or philosophical sayings, the t-shirt designs are endless, especially now that various stores have options to choose from. customization. From various quotes and superhero symbols to anything eccentric, t-shirts and sweaters are empty canvases for subtle self-expression.

One of the most trendy and chic clothes is the comic book print. These prints are no longer specific to nerds but have also emerged in other fashion fandoms. It doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a macabre sign of Batman: the murderous joke but can be anything from playing with typography to pop art to Mickey Mouse comics to 80s Calvin and Hobbes. Such prints go great on almost anything like t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts. -shirts, shrugs, dresses, shirts, etc.

Sweaters are not for all seasons. However, when the time is right, a printed hoodie, a plaid v-neck sweater or a cardigan with glasses and sneakers not only gives a cheesy look, but also wins everyone’s favorite, the Pinterest aesthetic. .

Choose shirts and t-shirts in shades that complement skin tone and body shape, matching and attractive blouses or polo shirts with patterned ties, bow ties or jeans, or pleated skirts and blouses with vests diamond pattern, is a versatile way to always keep the look fresh. In addition, the mismatched look is achieved with a harmonious and unique consistency.

Her entire wardrobe and the look itself shouldn’t be too trendy but a mix of both chic and unclassic. Usually this results in tight fitting clothing displaying insider jokes from the varied cosmos of cult classic movies, graphic novels, comics, books and / or video games, etc.

Just as oversized clothing is a major trait in the fashion fandom, so too is the mismatched look. Pants in bright colors or soft colors are much more eye-catching than the usual skinny jeans. Decorative leggings, printed cargo pants, and almost every other patterned bottom are a necessity for nerd-chic culture. Pleated or plaid skirts and khakis are classics of the nerdy style and, more than that, add dimension and movement to the whole outfit. Anything outside of traditional black leggings and denim jeans should do the trick.

Shoes can make or break any outfit. However, it is not necessary to break a toe. Wearing practical shoes like Mary Jane’s sandals, moccasins, sneakers and ballet flats brings the whole look together in fashion and nerdy. If you have to wear heels, kitten heels or platforms are the go-to options.

Accessories are welcome among nerds. Not only for the look, but also for the comfort, practicality and expression. In recent years, awkward suspenders, hats, watches or necklaces (or both), satchels, colorful bow ties etc. These unique and eye-catching accessories originally descend from nerd-chic.

Finally, and possibly the most important part of nerd-chic to keep in mind, is comfort. It’s not about squeezing into your high school jeans which are now two sizes smaller or wearing stilettos, which cause you immense back pain and even break a few toes. Whatever clothes make you comfortable and most like you, even if your fashion choices don’t make sense, that’s exactly that nerd-chic motto.

Nerds of all ages, genders, and others looking to mirror their sleek nerd style should consider mixing a professional, chic look with a casual look. The nerd image often portrayed on social media and on TV is rather extreme and more stereotypical than it actually is.

Yes, it’s about standing out and getting attention, but not because of a weird appearance. Fashion and style are all part of this fandom and we probably all already have something cheesy in our wardrobes that we wear as a natural part of ourselves.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Model: Niki

Make-up: Sumon Rahat

Styling: Sonia Yeasmin Isha

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