The Lily Charmed brand celebrates its 10th anniversary

Independent jewelry brand Lily Charmed this month marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of the company in 2011.

The family brand was founded by Lucy Lee, who designed the first 10 models at her kitchen table.

Lily Charmed’s early designs were created with a focus on collecting and gifting charms and offered the kind of customization the brand is known for today.

Lee commented, “I made sure that Lily Charmed’s early designs perfectly represented everything I wanted the brand to become.

“The sentiment of jewelry has always been the inspiration behind every Lily Charmed charm and early pieces included the Bee, Feathers, Wishbone and Warm Heart which are still some of our bestsellers to this day.

“The manufacturing process was also extremely important to me – long before Lily Charmed was born, I had visited Potosi, a silver mine in Bolivia, and had seen firsthand the impact of mining. mining on the physical environment, the chemical footprint required to process the metal, and the high impact on workers.

“All Lily Charmed charms are made from recycled sterling silver and recycled gold plated sterling silver.

“As jewelers, it is our responsibility to understand and ensure that our customers understand where our raw materials come from. I also love the sentimental journey of using recycled money.

“For us, charming jewelry has an emotional impact – using recycled money brings its journey, money had a life before, a purpose, its own story, and by reusing money, we pass that on to the next generation. “

Upcoming plans for Lily Charmed’s continued growth include a new and improved website tailored to her loyal business customers, launching in 2021.

Its Star Cluster Christmas collection will be available from October 2021, and a selection of new charm bracelets will also be available for Christmas.

Lily Charmed will present her very first retail show, Spirit of Christmas, at Olympia from November 1-7, 2021.

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