The Avalanche’s Stanley Cup rings are a sight to behold

How would you put this thing on your finger? Here’s Avalanche captain Gabe Landeskog’s Stanley Cup ring, unveiled tonight:

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The top of the ring proudly features the Avalanche logo and their STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS title set above 18 custom cut sapphires. The creation of the A consists of 6 custom-cut rubies, symbolic of the Stanley Cup final in 6 games. The logo is boldly placed atop the coveted Stanley Cup. Paying tribute to Joe Sakic’s lifelong commitment to the Avalanche and as the only team captain and general manager to win a Stanley Cup with the same team, 19 diamonds are set in the snow flowing down the hockey puck on the logo. These diamonds total 0.22 carats, a nod to Kroenke’s 22-year ownership.

220 additional diamonds are finely set, cascading over the top of the ring. A design element of the team’s jersey is brought to life along the upper and lower edges of the ring top with custom-cut rubies set in the pattern of the “mountain” stripes found on their jersey. There are a total of 36 rubies set in the stripes.

The left side of the ring bears the name of the recipient, honoring the individual contribution to the success of the Avalanche. Under their name, players receive their jersey number set with diamonds. On either side of the player’s number, two sapphires symbolize the Stanley Cup victories of 1996 and 2001. Complementing the left side of the alternate logo found on the shoulder of the team’s home jersey, which is accented with ceramic black – a nod to their 3rd and most recent Stanley Cup title. The bottom of the left side is a sparkling bed of 80 diamonds.

The team name is displayed at the top of the right side of the ring in the official Avalanche jersey font. Below are three Stanley cups, the center cup is set with 44 diamonds; the cups on the left and right celebrate the franchise’s previous Stanley Cup victories. The dates of each Stanley Cup title are proudly displayed on the cups. The bottom of the right side is completed with 28 diamonds. In total there are 72 diamonds set on the right side, these stones represent the 72 combined regular season and playoff wins won by the Avalanche. The feat equaled an NHL record reached just three times in the league’s 104-year history.

Flowing from the top of the ring, down the sides and wrapping around the palm are an incredible 184 diamonds. When the stones set on the side of the ring are combined with the stones on the top of the ring, they add up to 650. The outer palm of the ring features a detailed miniature version of Denver’s iconic skyline, the city home of the Colorado Avalanche.

The inside of the ring features the team motto “FIND A WAY” with the “A” being the Avalanche logo. Below are the results from the Avalanche-dominated playoff series. Last detail, the date of the sixth game, 6-26-22, is on the inside palm of the ring.

The 2022 Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup ring is truly a sight to behold, featuring a staggering total of 669 diamonds, 18 custom-cut genuine sapphires, 2 round genuine sapphires, and 42 custom-cut genuine rubies. In total, these rings have an astonishing carat weight of 18.50 carats of genuine gemstones.


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