The 9 most extravagant DC Comics costumes of all time

The ongoing Hellfire Gala event in the X-Men comics has produced some of the strangest superhero costumes of recent years. But there have been plenty of daring costumes in comic book history, and they’re not limited to Marvel Comics. DC Comics is the source of some of the strangest costumes of all time.

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Some of them are a reflection of their time, either in excess or in restraint, but many of them have their own charm. While some costumes are instant classics and stand the test of time, many get instantly dated and are at the very least signs of what to avoid in the comics in the future.

9 Polka Dot Man

Polka Dot Man captures Robin in DC Comics

The Polka Dot Man is one of the most visually unique – and laughable – Batman villains of all time. Introduced in Detective Comics # 300 in February 1962, Abner Krill reflects very well the colorful, silly aesthetic of that era of DC Comics.

Her costume is covered in polka dots, which are actually disks that sort of expand and become any number of objects, including a literal flying saucer. The underlying technology is never explained and the costume never really changed, even though Krill made his first live appearance in The suicide squad.

8 Supergirl (killer matrix)

DC Comics Supergirl Killer Matrix Costume

Comic book fans know that Supergirl has had a few costume changes over the years. Most of them follow the same basic formula, but in the 90s Supergirl got an extreme makeover.

The Killer Matrix version of Supergirl featured outrageous spikes on her arms, which were of no use. She also had a sleeveless tunic and random bands on the cuffs and legs. It wasn’t Kara Zor-El, who had perished years earlier in Crisis On Infinite Earths, but a conscious protoplasm who believed it was her.

7 Black canary (80s)

Black Canary Costume

Black Canary has had a lot of different costumes in her film and television appearances. So far, none of them have chosen to replicate one of their more wacky comedic costumes. In the 1980s, Black Canary got a new black and blue jumpsuit, as well as black wings that widened above the shoulders.

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The costume had a vague ski suit quality, which is interesting, but it really had nothing to do with Black Canary or his powers. It didn’t last long and was so unpopular that she even burned it on the cover of Weekly Action Comics # 609.

6 Tyroc


Tyroc’s one-of-a-kind piece might have seemed all the rage in the ’70s when it was introduced and was certainly meant to be part of the Legion of Superheroes’ 30th Century, but it got very dated very quickly.

Tyroc’s simple outfit underscored his impressive physique, but the combination of chains and a high, unnecessary collar clashed pretty hard. The costume might have had a place in the Hellfire Gala, but in the DC Universe of the 70s, it was an instant relic.

5 Superman (At the End of the Earth)

Superman at the end of the earth

Superman has one of the greatest superhero costumes of all time, essentially perfect right off the bat in Action comics # 1 in 1938. There have been a few variations of the costume, and many alternate versions of Superman, and the At the end of the world version is one of the most extreme.

An older version of Kal-El needs a gigantic pistol, which is so big that big fans might not notice how dark and utilitarian his costume has become. It’s one of the darker interpretations of the Man of Steel in the comics.

4 Doctor Destiny (90s)

Doctor Fate in 90s costume from DC Comics

The 1990s saw many costume updates for the genre’s superheroes, with the extreme aesthetic of the era seemingly affecting everyone. Doctor Fate was no exception. Comic book fans know that Doctor Fate’s story dates back to 1940 and his costume is one of the most iconic in DC.

In the 90s, everything collapsed in favor of a radical overhaul that brought this character more in line with the dark and grainy anti-heroes of the time. The ankh symbol is now a tattoo on his eye, and his classic costume is replaced with random gold bandages and bracelets.

3 Black condor

Black condor

Black Condor could really fit in at the Hellfire Gala, but his costume was out of bounds of what comic book fans expected when he entered the scene in 1943. His unusual costume consists only of a cape. and underpants connected by a thin strip of fabric on his bare chest.

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The costume offered no practical benefits and no protection from any kind of injury, but maybe it had an influence. It predated the equally bizarre costumes of Tyroc and other characters.

2 Wonder Woman (90s)

The Wonder Woman costume is as classic as Superman and Batman. While there have been a few minor adjustments over the years, Diana underwent her most drastic transformation in the ’90s.

Another example of the excessiveness of the time, Diana loses all her recognizable design elements for a suit consisting of a short jacket and biker shorts. This dark look was typical of many characters of the time, and like many others, didn’t really make sense in the character’s context. Wonder Woman returned to a more familiar look soon after.

1 Cosmic boy (70s)

Another DC costume that seems to fit in perfectly with the Hellfire Gala is the Cosmic Boy. The classic Legion of Superheroes character wore a pink and black costume for decades, black elements hugging his sides. In the late 1970s, his costume reduced to a black vest, leaving everything else exposed.

He also wore high boots and gloves that went almost to his elbow. It was incredibly daring for the time, and while not at all practical, the costume is one of the most unique in comic book history. It will return to its more traditional look in the early 80s.

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