Small actors, goldsmiths do not appreciate the jewelers’ strike today

All India Jewelers and Silversmiths Federation (AIJGF) says small jewelers in the country are not involved in the strike

Chennai: Small jewelers and goldsmiths called Monday’s jewelers’ strike against the implementation of the HUID on tested jewelry “absurd” and an attempt to protect vested interests.

The All India Jewelers and Goldsmiths Federation (AIJGF) said small jewelers in the country are not involved in the strike. “The August 23 strike is absurd and an attempt by some big fish to serve their interests by tarnishing the country’s jewelry trade,” he said.

According to the federation, there are around six lakhs of jewelers in the country and around 10 percent of them are large jewelers while the rest are smaller traders. About 20 lakh artisans also work in this business. While calling for a strike, the 10 percent of large jewelers are using the smaller ones to cover their interests, said Pankaj Arora, national president of the AIJGF.

“Those on strike are deceiving thousands of thousands of the country’s small gold traders and branding hallmarks and HUID (six-digit unique hallmarks) anti-trade. They don’t want their business activities to come under control. government, ”he said. noted.

According to the government notification, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to obtain the HUID number and other members of the supply chain, including the retailer, do not have to worry about it. The AIJGF has called it a welcome step, which will not only inspire confidence in the minds of customers, but will also increase the availability of pure gold in India.

The All-India Gem and Jewelery Domestic Council (GJC) called a symbolic strike on Monday. The organization alleged that HUID is a tracking mechanism and has nothing to do with the purity of the gold. HUID is also against data privacy and “trade secrets” of individual citizens, the GJC said.

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