Sardo transforms deconstructed flowers into minimalist jewelry

Sardo turns deconstructed flowers into minimalist gold jewelry

Elena Sardo takes inspiration from flowers for her new collection of minimalist gold jewelry

An architecture degree and fashion training inform the straightforward aesthetic of jewelry designer Elena Sardo’s brand, Sardo. Minimalist jewelry, created in Turin, Italy, encompasses quirky silhouettes; profiled in 18-karat gold, silver and precious stones, the pieces create an enticing play of light.

From now on, the new Wild Flowers collection is inspired by the beauty of nature, but in the purest Sardo style, avoids any sickly and soft connotation, instead interpreting its colors and shapes in sober and magnificent forms.

“My aesthetic is always a bit visionary: in this collection, for example, the flowers are certainly not the flowers of realistic painting, but they are deconstructed, abstract flowers,” explains Sardo. “In my aesthetic, I don’t look for quirks, but I always try to create timeless jewelry: for me every detail is studied, and I often prefer to remove rather than add, in order to create clean pieces and refined with their own distinctive and personal style. ‘

The collection, created during confinement, recalls her fascination with flowers, the irregular placement of petals, and the vivid juxtapositions of colors reflected in her rings and earrings. “I was fascinated by their variety of shapes and colors,” she says. “For example, after a storm, I happened to observe petals on the grass forming an irregular and multicolored composition, but beautiful and harmonious in its naturalness and simplicity: it made me think how Seemingly different elements can not only coexist, but also be more beautiful when put together. ‘

Tendrils of vines are drawn in gold and irregularly studded with diamonds in dangling earrings; The petals of the childhood Loves Me / Loves Me Not game are a minimalist addition to the matte gold orbs. “In this collection, the most significant design details are the different stone sizes (baguette cut, marquise, pear cut) and the use of colored stones which for me is very unusual,” adds Sardo. §

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