Power rings had a bird poo overseer to help make Númenor feel real [Exclusive]

While there’s obviously no one in the series credits with the title “Bird Poop Overseer,” the series’ set decoration is overseen by Megan Vertelle and Victor J. Zolfo, while production designers and a team of art directors also worked to ensure the show’s sets were perfect for filming. According to Cynthia Addai-Robinson, one of the crew members, in particular, was responsible for the bird droppings that littered parts of the city.

As Addai-Robinson points out, the team behind the series paid such close attention to on-set realism that they even worked hard on things that we as viewers may not have been able to. see. “It just shows that there really was that effort, even for the areas that the audience wasn’t necessarily going to see or even the camera was going to see,” she says. While I’ll admit I wasn’t scouting for bird droppings when I first scouted the series, I think the scale of the city settings is obvious. There’s a flatness to many modern TV shows and movies that comes from recording to underdecorated soundstages or with green screen as an ill-suited substitute for actual props. “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” has none of that.

Addai-Robinson says the sets also helped the actors get into the zone. “Being able to walk through a setting like this, it really helps you to be there, to be really immersed in this environment,” she shared. It’s good that the details were helpful as Season 2 seems likely to include even more discord within Númenor, so the bird poo situation will only get worse.

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