Here are the shops you want to see in Barrow town center

WITH empty shops lining Barrow’s town centre, many dream of better days with a bustling main street filled with retailers and restaurants.

We asked our readers “what kind of stores would you like to see empty units on Dalton Road fill?”, and here’s what they said.

Sheila Johnson said: “Local growers and more fresh produce. A few more decent butchers wouldn’t hurt either.

“Good bakeries too. Look at Ulverston and villages like Broughton etc. They managed to retain their local stores and producers.

“Also bring a farmer’s market more often. Make the rent of merchants much more affordable, build it and they will come as the saying goes.

Margie Arts said, “A real fresh fish shop, deli and covered area for wet weather shopping.”

Alan Scantlebury said; “Men’s shoes, music, hardware, anything that benefits society. Betting shops are designed to make customers lose rather than spend money.

Rebecca Pearce said: “A few other clothing stores, a few food stores and bakeries, perfumeries or body shops, shoe stores, a jewelry store and a craft store, a home or a small furniture store , and maybe one or two sitting in a cafe or restaurants.

“There is nothing left and something has to be done. Need more shops and things to do to attract people like Kendal for example, people go there for day shopping – even some better known stores like H&M or Primark.

“Would be nice to have a bowling alley or something in the area or even an arcade or somewhere with pool tables and darts for the kids.”

Anne Walker said: ‘Shops like there used to be, fantastic assortment so you could spend all day shopping in Dalton Road and get what you want, it’s possible to do it again.’

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