From 30 Thousand to Over One Million Monthly Sales, Hiara’s Record Growth Is About to Make Silver Jewelry History

July 19: Imran Khan, the founder of Hiara, is on the verge of making a big name for himself in the silver jewelry market, he started in 2019. Coming from a background in real estate, family and business, Imran has always been one of those people. to seize the opportunity. With the sole aim of making jewelry a cheap treasure and including silver as an everyday adornment, Imran launched Hiara ( in January 2019.

The phenomenal 925 silver jewelry brand offers a wide range of sophisticated jewelry designs in rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Some bold and striking designs also pave the way for exceptional jewelry masterpieces like nowhere else.

What inspired Hiara:

Imran Khan, a young trendsetter with great creativity, has always been passionate about the jewelry and fashion industry.

Imran shares: “Haider had just returned from his business trip to the United States when he told me about the highlight of his trip. He had seen the JOGS Jewelery Show held in Tucson, Arizona. The show featured exceptionally attractive silver jewelry pieces with stones engraved on them. It was then that I knew I had the opportunity to follow along by starting my unique, everyday 925 silver jewelry business.

He launched the 925 silver jewelry brand to provide long lasting and durable jewelry for Indian women. Why? Because wearing expensive gold and diamond ornaments is very risky today. The fear of losing or having jewelry ripped off is a big problem in their minds. And wearing expensive adornments on a daily basis can seriously tarnish their vibe. So, silver jewelry is the best option.

Coming from the real estate and trade sector, Imran was rather blessed. The inhabitant of the pink city has always known that he could do better in an independent but artistic business. His great potential has always pushed him to make a name for himself. Following his heart gave Imran the right direction in life.

Define trends:

Hiara is known for its unique silver jewelry design with its slogan “Luxury Made Affordable”. The price range for most of their products is between INR 899 and INR 4999. With three-level quality checks, you cannot expect the best jewelry to be shipped to your doorstep without additional delivery charges, all over India.

Most of the customers report that they enjoy outstanding on-time delivery service and outstanding after-sales customer management. Their website is also very user-friendly and includes an order tracking feature. Promotional features like emails and SMS also keep their customers up to date with the latest designs and offers.

Today Hiara is a renowned name in the Indian jewelry industry and has also become the most trusted D2C brand.

Where they are today:

Hiara started her business with just 100,000 savings. Over the years, they have grown their business considerably. From 30,000 sales per month to over a million sales in just 24 months is definitely a turning point for them. Their online platform is visited by more than 75,000 users every month.

Despite the escalation of COVID-19 and the worsening impact of the pandemic on businesses, Hiara’s sales increased five-fold in fiscal year 2020-21.

Now, you can easily find the Hiara silver jewelry collection on their website as well as at Nykaa Fashion. Beauty and fashion online store app Nykaa offers a vivid and enchanting collection of silver jewelry from Hiara.


Soon, Hiara plans to launch its own app for its customers. They plan to expand their business into the North American jewelry market, as this is where Imran found the inspiration to launch his line of silver jewelry. Hiara has big plans to add a new line of jewelry. They’ll also be more open to working with social media influencers to bring that brand to their target audience faster. Learn more about them on their website:

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