Fantastic places to visit in Numenor

Come for the seafood, stay for the shopping, and be sure to allow equal time for the museums and the beaches as you stroll through Númenor, one of Middle-earth’s oldest kingdoms. Backpackers be warned, the inhabitants of this prosperous land are used to their luxuries, and this is no place for budget travel. In the kitchen, seafood is always on the menu in one form or another, but the land is rich and offers great variety.

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Also called the Isle of Elenna or Starwards, Númenor’s climate is temperate with plenty of sunshine and starlight. As with all islands that deal with the sea, however, the weather can turn cloudy and cold within minutes and travelers should dress accordingly. The best time to visit Númenor would be in the distant past, before the fall that sank the island-continent forever beneath the waves.


seven Armenelos the Golden

This is the sight most visitors to Middle-earth see for the first time upon arriving in the island kingdom. Located in the eastern half of the island, the elves of Valinor are most likely to arrive in Andúnië, a town in Eldanna Bay on the western coast.

Also known as the City of Kings, it is the capital of Númenor. This is where travelers can find other important sites, such as the residence of the royal family, markets and restaurants, and the home of many famous artisan guilds.

6 The Royal Palace

Locals also call this building the King’s House. It’s worth a visit for those who appreciate architecture and design alone, but its history is equally fascinating. The Maiar, servants of the Valar and divine beings of Valinor, participated in its construction.

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It was completed at the same time that Elros Tar-Minyatur was crowned King of Numenor at the start of the Second Age. This significant historical event marked the beginning of a new era for the kingdom of Arda and the genesis of the largest human kingdom in the history of The Lord of the Rings.

5 Nimloth, the white tree

While stopping at the palace, don’t miss Nimloth the Fair. This is the White Tree of Númenor which was a gift from the Elves of Tol Eressëa, a sacred isle near Valinor. He was descended from one of the Two Trees, in this case, Telperion, the Silver Tree.

The Maia of Growing Things, Yavanna, grew a Telperion seedling after it was destroyed, but unlike its parent tree, this one did not generate light. Another named Celeborn was planted on the isle of Tol Eressëa, and Nimloth is a cutting of this tree.

4 Mount Meneltarma

The Pillar of Heaven is the holiest place in all of Númenor. Legend has it that the top of this mountain was all that survived after the Fall, but it has never been found or charted by any ship. The scenery alone is worth the detour, and the road to the highest peak is equally impressive.

Those visiting during important holidays and feast days must observe the strict rule of silence. Only the king is authorized to speak on these occasions, and when he does, it is in prayer to the most powerful Valar in existence: Eru Ilúvatar. There is a shrine dedicated to the god located on this peak, and the only wild animals that visit it are the guardian eagles of the Maiar Manwë.

3 Andustar Gardens

The influence of Elvish culture in Númenor has ensured that flowers, trees, and other plants are not only revered, but cultivated with great care and enthusiasm. Some of Middle-earth’s rarest plants grow here, one of the most famous being the mallorn tree.

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There are few places where the golden leaves of the mallorn tree flourish, but these forests in the eastern province of Andustar are one of them. Durin cultivated them successfully in the shadow of Khazad-dûm, in secret and against all odds, and during the War of the Ring they were found in Lothlorien.

2 The plains of Mittalmar

The Númenoreon may be a seafaring people, but they are also famous for their love of horses. Visitors interested in horseback riding should visit the vast interior plains of Mittalmar. Most of the island kingdom’s population resides and works here in suburbs and hamlets connected to the capital.

Most of the plains are an idyllic network of lush forests and open fields, and this is where most farms and orchards are located. Other important sites include the Valley of Tombs and the Hall of Law.

1 The law room

One of the reasons to take a closer look at the western plains would be to visit the Hall of Law, an important place located a few hours drive from the capital. It is part of the enduring legacy of the first Emperor, Elros the Half-Elven, and was built during his reign in the early days of Númenor.

A place of art and history, the hall contains an extensive library that includes not only the knowledge of the people of Númenor, but also that of the Elves, Dwarves, and immortal races of Valinor. It would be a shame if something happened to him.

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