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Few arenas have been more strictly governed by genre than jewelry. Men’s jewelry, until relatively recently, encompassed only watches and wedding rings, while women’s jewelry was seen as a way to elegantly embellish and emphasize. Things have changed. A lot. That said, while men’s jewelry now comfortably includes necklaces, bracelets, decorative rings, and earrings, there is still a long way to go to break down gender boundaries in accessories. Enter VEER.

“In an age where we are separated and isolated from each other, hope and inclusion are needed more than ever,” says founder Julia Lang, “We don’t want to just give birth to another product. We want to be the catalyst for empowerment, healing energy and unity. And this inclusive mindset has not gone unnoticed. With mentions ranging from Miguel to A $ AP Rocky, Alicia Keys and Nas, VEERT’s unisex jewelry has built an influential following.

And why not ? These days we ask more of the things we buy, so a label that commits to devoting 1% of its annual revenue to environmental causes is in pole position to occupy ancillary space. It’s not just pretty either. VEERT’s offering is focused on healing, hope and positive energy. Healing stones like green onyx and malachite – onyx is associated with the heart chakra while malachite clears and activates the chakras – act as foundational aspects of Collection 1, detailing the gold vermeil coins .

Collection 2 is inspired by flowers and uses freshwater pearls as the main building blocks. Lang notes: “I have always considered a flower to be a universal language. A flower has the ability to warm someone’s heart, and it never chooses between gender, age, or ethnicity.

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