Best Diamond Jewelry Stores: Where To Buy Online In UK


hirley Bassey sang it best when she took out her ’70s Bond belt, Diamonds are forever. The magnificent stones were used to adorn royalty and have been coveted by the fantastically rich for centuries. They continue to be the reigning gemstone for engagement rings and wedding jewelry.

One of the reasons they are so precious and expensive is the simple fact that they can take up to 3.3 billion years to form, or about 75% of the age of the Earth.

For those who don’t want to hang around that long, a faster solution is at hand.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Laboratory-grown, man-made, or cultivated diamonds are identical to those found on Earth, but take less than a month to grow in a controlled environment.

They are made by taking “seeds” (small diamonds) and growing them by applying high pressure and heat so that carbon layers form on them.

They have no environmental impact unlike the process of stones extracted from the earth which can lead to soil erosion, ecosystem catastrophe and deforestation, not to mention triggering outright wars. In addition to light colors, lab-made diamonds can be cultivated in tones that would be considered extremely rare (and expensive) if researched by traditional methods, but they are true carbon copies of natural stones.

Thus, not only are kilometers of lab-grown diamonds more affordable, but they are also an ethical and socially responsible choice.

With sustainability at the top of our collective agendas, it’s no wonder these lab-grown beauties dominate the market as more of us consciously buy.

How to buy diamonds online

There are a few rules about buying diamonds, the main one being the four Cs.

Where do the 4 Cs come from?

Gary Ingram, CEO of The diamond store explains, “This method of valuing diamonds was invented by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 1949. Today, their grading system is the globally accepted standard for measuring the quality of diamonds, and it is used by virtually all jewelry professionals in the world. “

The four Cs of diamond quality

Ingram says, “Diamonds are rare, beautiful and brilliant. But not all of them are alike. Their brightness, size and appearance depend on four quality factors. These are called the “4 Cs” of diamond quality – and they are VSUtah, VScolor, VSlarity and VSarat weight. Each factor is rated separately, but together they establish the overall quality of a diamond.

  • To cut: the expression “a rough diamond” takes on its full meaning when you see the intact state of the stone. It takes a lot of effort to coax it into the dazzling rock that you admire in the storefronts of jewelry stores. Cut refers to how light can refract through it and, therefore, how bright it will shine.
  • Color: not all diamonds are clear, some contain gray or yellow tinges, which are considered flaws. The less color a white diamond has, the more it is worth. That said, there are exceptions to the rule: yellow, pink and blue colored diamonds are valuable depending on the intensity of their color.
  • Clarity: it’s time to take out your magnifying glass for inspection. Most diamonds have flaws and imperfections that affect their price, even though they are invisible to the naked eye. Totally flawless diamonds are incredibly rare and therefore very expensive.
  • Carat: size matters in the diamond world. The larger the rock, the more it is worth, even though it is the same cut, color, and clarity as a smaller stone.

What is the difference between Carat and Karat?

A carat is the unit of weight used to measure the size of a gemstone, such as a diamond. During this time, a karat measures the amount of gold in an alloy. It’s always 24 parts, so for example 18k gold means 18/24 parts gold.

Forget a little black book, consider this your ultimate diamond repertoire for jewelry that sparkles.

The diamond store

The diamond store

You don’t have to live at 221b Baker Street to know what this website is selling. The Diamond Store is the UK’s largest online retailer of diamond jewelry, gemstones and watches. Dive in to discover all manner of treasures, from cocktail rings adorned with gobstoppers-sized jewelry to earrings designed to channel red carpet glamor. Price from – are you seated? – only £ 45. All parts ship worldwide for free, 30 days free returns, and a five year warranty.

Shard of Pandora


The jewelry brand best known for collectible charms has entered the sparkling world of lab-grown diamonds. Pandora Brilliance offers sparkling durable stones set in elegant and timeless designs, crafted for strong and ambitious women – model Ashley Graham and actress Rosario Dawson are the ambassadors.

This collection marks the next big step in Pandora’s sustainability journey; the company also uses 100% renewable energy in some facilities, and virtually all of the stones used in current collections are man-made, reducing the burden on the environment.

Edge of Ember Conscious Diamonds

Embers edge

Leveraging her MO to bring luxury to everyday jewelry, Edge of Ember has launched a new collection called Conscious Diamonds. The selection is made to pair with things you probably already own – think earrings and hoops to enhance your neat ear, and slim rings to rekindle your stack of fingers. All pieces are crafted from 100% recycled gold and the white and yellow gold diamonds used originated in a laboratory.



Creating spectacular diamond jewelry using stones from its own foundry, American brand VRAI describes itself as a foremost digital fine jewelry brand. It is certainly on the cutting edge; the diamond smelter is the world’s first certified zero-emission diamond lab, an idea so impressive that Leonardo DiCaprio signed up as an investor.

Highlights include the collection of modern engagement rings, which can be personalized and come in a dozen stone shapes, but there are also unisex jewelry and summer embellishments. Kinds of magpie, welcome to paradise.

Lark & ​​Bay

Lark & ​​Bay

Offering cool and coveted fine and semi-fine accessories, Lark & ​​Berry is the destination for diamond and gemstone jewelry. In addition to pieces for everyday style, the brand also offers a bridal line of wedding earrings, necklaces and engagement rings. All the diamonds used are of the cultivated variety.

Shining earth

Shining earth

Founded in 2005, there is a lot of ice in Brilliant Earth, where Beyond Conflict Free diamonds are the only stones used. This means natural diamonds that have no harmful environmental or social impacts, but the brand also uses lab-grown and recycled diamonds, as neither requires re-mining. The collections include all the usual jewelry categories as well as engagement rings and wedding rings for both sexes.



Global brand with showrooms from Munich to Mumbai, Baunat offers fine natural diamond jewelry and rings online, all made in the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp, Belgium. They promise that all diamonds are from 100% natural, certified and conflict free suppliers. Browse jewelry and watches as well as a wide selection of engagement rings.


As one of the oldest and most prestigious diamond houses in the world, De Beers’ reputation speaks for itself. The brand is internationally synonymous with the finest natural diamonds, sourcing diamonds from its own mines in southern Africa and Canada. Heritage and tradition add up to the resounding price tag, but many agree that De Beers stones are the best in the world. In addition to engagement and wedding jewelry, the brand also offers a My First De Beers range, designed to offer and begin the obsession with diamonds.

Best part: for an exquisite everyday look to the Talisman collection, which brings a touch of spirituality to your jewelry box.



Beginning her life as a small collection of lab-grown diamond studs and now also offering stunning engagement rings, Kimai pairs her stones with recycled 18k gold. The brand believes in creating jewelry for the future without the social and environmental cost of traditional mining. It’s totally for the modern woman: in fact, fans include Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, and Meghan Markle.

How to care for and store diamond jewelry

Whether you opt for a lab-grown or resold natural diamond, these precious jewels require TLC to help them maintain their shine.

Take them off before swimming, bathing, or cleaning the house, and give them the finishing touch after you’ve done your hair and makeup. Hair spray, moisturizer, and perfumes can impact their shine.

A safe is the perfect place to store diamonds if you don’t have a safe in your home. For pieces that you wear every day, keep them away from other jewelry to avoid scratching them – its original box or fabric-lined jewelry box is best. If none of that is an option, keeping it wrapped in tissue paper is a great alternative.

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