Affordable Engagement Rings: Cool and Classic Designs

These affordable engagement rings are both cool and classic

Say yes to our selection of chic and affordable engagement rings under £1000

Finding affordable engagement rings under £1000 doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. Many jewelry designers play with traditional shapes to create pieces that mix romantic references and contemporary design accents, for engagement rings that are both chic and accessible.

Coveted and Affordable Engagement Rings

Ruth Tomlinson

Ruth Tomlinson brings romance to engagement ring design with her focus on textured recycled gold and unique, characterful gemstones. The Diamond Encrusted Wrap ring curves delicate strands of gold around the finger, sprinkling them with droplets of yellow gold and delicate white diamonds.


Alighieri weaves romanticism into creations inspired by Dante’s lyrical reveries. Its bespoke range of alternative engagement rings wraps textured gold around different stones, like in this ‘Meteor Shower Ring’, which embodies gloriously off-center design codes. For something similar, contact us to order your own part.

jessy thomas

London goldsmith Jessie Thomas focuses on simple silhouettes in her jewelry created from recycled gold. The “three-diamond ring” takes the focus away from symmetry, floating three differently sized diamonds in loops of yellow gold.

Lark & ​​Bay

Lark & ​​Berry’s inclusion of man-made diamonds in its pieces brings accessibility to designs that may have previously been out of reach. The Veto Sapphire Slim Ring juxtaposes cultured white sapphires with lab-grown diamonds for a striking take on a classic design.

Works completed

Mesmerizing rings of white gold studded with a dusting of white topaz gemstones do something decidedly different among affordable engagement rings, in this piece from Completedworks. A recycled sterling silver base, covered in vermeil gold, keeps costs down without compromising style.

Delfina Delettrez

Delfina Delettrez plays with punk design with the “Two In One Pearl Ring”, connecting two classic white diamonds on a pearl-studded bar. This piece, handcrafted in Italy, stays true to Delettrez’s distinctive and chic designs.


We love Otiumberg for its emphasis on wearable and accessible designs, a philosophy carried over to a delicate collection of rings. The ‘Diamond Wave Ring’, in solid 9k gold, lets an elegant touch of nine white diamonds take center stage, making it an understated and affordable engagement ring.


The Sansoeurs ‘Wife Rose Gold Ring‘ places a rectangular pattern of diamonds on an ultra-thin band for a modern, minimalist engagement ring that will look chic when paired with a slender wedding band.


Shihara’s pieces encompass pure simplicity, drawing clean curved and angular shapes in gold, which wrap around the body in unexpected ways. The “Petite Ring” embodies this aesthetic, adhering to traditional design codes for a perfectly formed and affordable engagement ring.


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