10 IMAGE staff on everyday jewelry they never take off

Chupi We We Are All Made Of Stars Necklace, € 399

This 14k gold star sign disc was a gift for my 40th from my group of girlfriends and I haven’t taken it off since. I love the feeling of it, I love its simplicity and the quality, like most Chupi jewelry, is excellent. The best part is that I can wear it day or night, it even enhances a simple black cashmere sweater and jeans. It is a truly special talisman and I will treasure it for years to come. – Amanda Cassidy, Interim Editor-in-Chief


Crescent Fawe Necklace, 270 €

I discovered Irish jewelry brand Fawe by Marianne of Smythsisters and love the delicate style of founder and designer Ruth Starrett. Each piece is beautifully crafted from solid 9k gold (100% recycled 9k gold where possible) and quality sterling silver. I received a gift (on request!) Of this gold crescent necklace for my birthday in July and haven’t taken it off since. – Lizzie Gore-Grimes, editor-in-chief


Loulerie Gorjana Harper bracelet, € 85

I am still underdressed and my jewelry is the same. I love to wear bracelets and love to stack them. I mix and match silver and gold, old and new. My most precious bracelet is my grandfather’s watch chain which has been remodeled into a bracelet. It’s a once, but I love Loulerie’s Gorjana Harper bracelet, which is a modern take on my darling watchband. – Marlene Wessels, artistic director


Juvi Causeway pendant, € 95

I’m not much of a jewelry enthusiast – I wore hoops last week and it took me 30 minutes to convince myself to wear them. So when I do accessories, I go for simpler pieces that can subtly enhance a casual outfit and of course I always try to support local commerce. Juvi Jewelery ticks both boxes and sources recycled metal. I took a look at this Causeway pendant necklace; I love its unique hex shape and it’s simple enough that I can wear it with everything. It’s perfect for layering too! – Shayna Sappington, Brand and Staff Content Editor, IMAGE Magazine


Oliver Bonas Elm round silver earrings, € 31.50

Coco Chanel advised people to “take one thing off” before leaving the house, but I rarely follow this rule. I’m more of a Phoebe Buffay when it comes to jewelry… although I limit myself to wearing extravagant Christmas-themed brooches. Silver hoops, like those by Oliver Bonas, are a staple for me and you will rarely see me without them. For rings, I love Amaylia Handmade, a little jewelry craftswoman that I came across on Instagram. A one-woman show, run by owner Nora and she only opens her boutique every two months, but the wait is well worth the wait and all of her pieces are absolutely stunning. – Sarah Finnan, Editor-in-Chief, IMAGE.ie


Electric Picks Fell In Luv Necklace, 82 €

I love my Revolve ‘Return To’ heart pendant necklace. To me, to me. – Simone Kennedy, Marketing Account Manager


Bold hoops in gold 79 hours, € 34.15

These golden hoops have * hardly * left my ears since I bought them, they are my go-to accessory in the sun. I had been looking for a big pair of gold hoops for so long. I wanted a pair that would add a layer of “cool” to any outfit. I’m quite particular with the type of gold that I like, I definitely lean towards yellow gold, but not too yellow either, it’s a delicate balance! Especially when shopping online. This pair of 79hour has the right gold color that feels luxurious without breaking the bank. Plus, they’re light enough that they won’t cause unnecessary headaches. A win-win if you ask me. I’ve been wearing them all summer and they haven’t turned brassy… yet. I am now very tempted to have another pair in a different size! – Sophie Teyssier, social media manager


Personalized Love Ruby Ross bracelets, € 14.58

I am so lazy when it comes to wearing jewelry but I love my two personalized Love Ruby Ross bracelets with my sons’ names on them and I love that each one is custom made for you – you can choose the colors, pearls, letters, accessories and clasps. It takes me back to being eight years old and making friendship bracelets at birthday parties, but the difference is, these are actually quite comfortable to wear! These also make the perfect gift for new moms … – Sophie Power, Acting Director of Events and Partnerships


Flower Baby Baroque Perle Hoop Earrings, € 55

Gold hoops are my go-to, so I enjoyed this slightly raised version when I want to feel a little more dressed up. They are delicate without being too picky, and there is a wonderfully subtle shimmer of the pearls. I also like that they are made in Ireland. – Megan Burns, Associate Editor, IMAGE, IMAGE interiors


Sorcha O’Raghallaigh Sagittarius Medallion Necklace, 80 €

I wanted this great zodiac pendant from Irish designer Sorcha O’Raghallaigh the minute I saw it – not so I could tell other horoscope fans that I was a Sagittarius but because it looks like a huge sun sitting on your collarbone and I needed some sun. Maybe I was also drawn to knowing that by owning a Sorcha O’Raghallaigh track, I would join a club that includes Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna and Kate Moss. It never leaves my neck and makes even my most dingy t-shirts. – Holly O’Neill, Beauty Editor and Associate Digital Editor

Photograph by Jason Lloyd Evans. We may earn a commission if you purchase something from affiliate links on our site.

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