Mortgage Liquidity: how it works, when it is convenient and the best of today

The recent financial crisis, started before 2010 and not yet overtaken, has forced all financial operators to look for different solutions and alternatives in order to keep the market alive. The mortgage is a type of contract that grants sums of money to the contractor against an interest, the payment of which is satisfied through amortization plans, which provide for the repayment of the sum of money lent and related interest over a period of time. established.

To allow the lending institution not to lose the money lent, the mortgage provides a guarantee, which is generally represented by a mortgaged property, almost always a property. A mortgaged property allows the lender to exercise the right of ownership over it in the event of repeated non-payment, as set out in the amortization plan.

Financial difficulties

Financial difficulties

Since the liquidity available is significantly diminished, too many people can not and do not want to face purchases too burdensome, and among these appears the house of property, which is returning to be good for a few. In this regard, there has indeed been a noticeable increase in leases, which for the moment has recovered a good revenge. The following also happens; those who long ago managed to buy the house of property using the old mortgage loan, find themselves with the strict need to raise some extra money, either for insufficient earnings to cover expenses, or for university or medical expenses, or for more venal goods such as holidays or leisure.

In this way the liquidity loan is born, that is a mortgage loan that intends to guarantee a good that is free from other burdens and mortgages. The liquidity loans provide a sum of money upon agreement between the parties, and the contractor offers as security a property asset that is sufficient to cover the debt in case of non-payment.

What are the best liquidity loans

I must premise that one mortgage is better than another in a very simple way; when the installment is lower and the guarantees offered by you are relatively low. The benefits of this type of loan are; the possibility of receiving more than one million euros, of giving the loan a 40-year loan, of obtaining the requested money in a short time and of being able to count on a loan of at least 70% of the value of the property. The banks propose this method for all those who find it difficult to disentangle all expenses, allowing them to count on a good amount of money for payment by installments.

Opting instead for a personal loan does not allow the same advantages, above all for the absence of tangible guarantees, without which the banks and the other lenders are reluctant to grant money. I must also remind you that any good self-respecting mortgage must not have excessively high rates, also considering that the law sets precise limits beyond which the applied rate is considered actual wear and tear. These values ​​are;

– The fixed rate must not exceed 2.77%;
– The threshold rate should not exceed 7.4625%.

The above values refer to fixed-rate mortgages ; for variable rate mortgages, the values ​​are as follows ;

– fixed rate not higher than 2.41%;
– threshold rate not higher than 7.0125%.

Given all this, the best thing is to go to the numerous lenders to find the best solution for you.

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