Home loan for constable: Get a home loan with an attractive rate

Like all French borrowers, the policemen aspire to projects related to homeownership, a dream that requires asking a financing organization to obtain their home loan. Obviously, the policemen have a reassuring professional situation for credit institutions. The policeman is considered a soldier and therefore has job security which is one of the criteria studied by banks and credit institutions. Banks will generally grant preferential conditions to state officials, simply because the risk of job loss is relatively lower on a CDI type contract. In addition, the domiciliation of bank accounts can be a real asset for the bank, provided that the police are given a preferential advantage.

Do borrowers benefit from home ownership systems?

A borrower who is a policeman can also benefit from homeownership systems such as the zero rate loan (PTZ), the social home loan (PAS), or financial assistance obtained through the mutual insurance company. military (MNM, AGPM, MAA, Caisse Nationale du policeman, CNG-MG). To this is added borrower insurance which can be much more attractive for a policeman than for a conventional borrower, here again, the mutual insurance company or the policeman’s insurer can play an important role in reducing the cost of this insurance.

Compare offers of mortgage for policemen

Compare offers of mortgage for policemen

Whether you are on rest or on a mission, it is not always easy to devote time to administrative procedures and in particular to apply for a mortgage. Most banks will ask to set up an agency appointment and call the borrower several times to ask for information about their financial and personal situation. The establishment of the home loan file will also be accompanied by a request for supporting documents related to the property acquisition project but also to the situation of the policeman: salaries, statements of accounts, tax notice. There is no point in embarking on an investigation without having an initial feasibility opinion.

It is therefore strongly advised for a policeman to carry out a simulation of online mortgage loans allowing to probe the different banks of the market and to quickly obtain a feasibility opinion. This allows you to receive several home loan offers with different rates. You should know that it is necessary to obtain at least 3 mortgage loan proposals in order to compare and choose the best offer. The choice of guarantee (mortgage, surety), as well as the conditions of the borrower insurance, can be determined after the simulation of the mortgage. Note that some credit institutions are positioned on the status of civil servant including the military and policemen. Finally, online simulation remains a service offered free of charge and without obligation.