Cheap car loan with final installment – paid in 24 hours

Cars are usually funded to spread the high purchase costs over many months. A cheap car loan with final installment is therefore quite understandable and the desire of many car buyers.

We show where and how this wish can come true.

That’s how it works – in keywords

  • Small running rates, thus convincing final installment loans the car buyer
  • In addition to the offer from the dealer offers the online comparison matching balloon loan
  • Check for yourself which offer suits you
  • Apply now – and without risk – your desired loan with small installments

Why with closing rate?

Why with closing rate?

Cheap car loan with final installment – small installments

The car dealers have done it – many customers now want it from the banks. A cheap car loan with a closing rate, which includes small monthly installments and comes at the end of the term with a large final installment.

This large final installment can, if needed, be subsequently refinanced. An advantage of such a loan option is always that the monthly installments can be very low.

They are not based on the total loan amount, but only on the amount that remains after deduction of the last installment. On top of that, if the borrower can also make a down payment, the number used to calculate the sum will be reduced again.

With a bit of luck, the monthly installments are around 100 Euros and can be easily covered.

Cheap car loan with final installment – provider

Most consumers assume that a cheap car loan with a closing rate is only available from the dealership. But that is not the case.

Because this loan option can also be obtained from the free banks and savings banks. If you take on a installment loan without earmarking, you can freely determine how much the loan amount is.

Thus, the borrower can also determine what sum of the car purchase he wants to finance and which he raises on his own. However, it must be remembered that when financing via a free bank opposite the dealership as a cash payer occurs.

The last big closing rate must therefore be regulated differently there, since the bank would like to have the complete purchase price for a cash payment immediately.

Our tip:

With a cash payment you get offered as a car buyer usually a generous discount. This could then be regarded as a closing rate.

What’s up with the dealer?


Much easier, however, it is when the desired loan is received by the dealer. A cheap car loan with final installment is completely normal there and is referred to as balloon financing.

The amount of the monthly installments is determined by means of the term. In addition, influence on the amount of the last installment can be taken.

It is also advisable to make a down payment, so that the monthly installments can be as low as possible. It should also be noted that the closing rate is not overstated.

If, in the end, the money is not ready to pay the final installment, it must be refinanced. This is possible, but it also means that you must continue to deal with a loan and the money can not flow into other projects.

Therefore, it should be carefully considered and calculated which options are the best choice for the loan.

A small comparison helps

A small comparison helps

The offers of credit options are difficult to overlook. Therefore, a comparison should always be used for decision-making.

With our loan calculator the comparison is done within a few minutes. You can also test how the monthly installment changes with the duration.

And if you like, you can also see what the loan would look like without a down payment and a high final installment.